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Signing Over Parental Rights in Texas

If you are a parent in Texas who decides to sign over your parental rights to another adult, you are making a serious commitment in this action. In the event of an adoption, a birth parent can sign over his or her rights to the child to the adoptive parents. Some states will allow birth parents to have visitation rights after an adoption occurs. If the parents have substance abuse issues, then those visitations may be supervised.

Most of the time, family courts won't allow birth parents to have regular visitation time unless the adoptive parents agree and if it is in the best interests of the child. If the parent is not emotionally or mentally sound and could be a poor influence on the child, the court may see it fit to deny visitation. Because the child is rightfully another family's daughter or son, the biological parents will not be required to pay child support.

In the context of a divorce, a parent cannot merely "sign over" parental rights. This is because both parents in a divorce are the biological and legal parents of the child. In a custody battle, the court will decide which parent should take over the responsibility of raising the children. In some cases, the court may arrive at a co-parenting agreement where the children are passed back and forth between divorcees. In other cases, the court will deem that one parent deserves primary custody.

No matter who has custody of a child, nothing changes on the birth certificate. A parent cannot "sign off" his or her name on the birth certificate, because these legal documents memorialize the facts and conditions of the child's birth. Those things won't change if there is an adoption after the child is delivered. If you want more information about parental rights talk to a Plano family lawyer today!

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