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Can you Divorce for Abandonment in Texas?

Divorce is a saddening, but sometime necessary process for married couples that have come to irreconcilable differences in their marriage. There are also times that one individual may need to file for divorce if he or she was abandoned by his or her spouse without any notice or warning. There are two different types of divorce in Texas: "no-fault" divorces and "at-fault" divorces.

Divorce due to abandonment is a type of "at-fault" divorce that can lead to benefits for the victimized spouse. In the case of abandonment, the abandoned spouse can file for an at-fault divorce in hopes of receiving a higher alimony or spousal support payment because of his or her sufferings.

Most of the time, the aggrieved spouse must show that the other spouse left the marital home without any intent to return or that the spouse left and hasn't returned at all for at least one-year. Many times the court will favor the aggrieved spouse if he or she files claiming abandonment.

Whenever you decide to file for a divorce based on abandonment, you will want to consult with a professional Plano divorce attorney first. With the right divorce attorney on your side, you can trust that you will be able to prove you are the victim of insensitive or uncaring treatment and deserve compensation as a result. Also, you can trust that an attorney will help you to fight for the spousal support, alimony, or child support that is appropriate.

Don't hesitate to contact an attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm today if you want more information. You will need a legal professional to help you gather the proof that will evidence that you were abandoned. Get started today and get the finances and freedom that will relieve you from a difficult marriage!

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